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Why, yes, we write on our furniture!

April 19, 2010

Our mapwork on the dining room table.With the way our house is situated, we have to do a lot of school work at our kitchen table. We don’t have space to hang maps or posters or white boards or chalk boards to do displays or board work as our work space is surrounded by a glass door, the laundry room or a half wall. The living room is also similarly devoid of much hanging space for school. So I had to find some alternative ways to do displays and board work. Here are just a few of the ideas:

1. Use a clear shower curtain over a table to have display space. This is what we used to do with our old table. We would put anything we were studying on top of  the table, then cover it with the shower curtain. When we inherited my grandmother’s table, it has a glass top on it.  Now, we have a map of  the world where we’ve done some basic map notations (continents, etc), but we can also use window markers to do more map work on top of the glass with wipe off markers or window markers.

2. Use alternative surfaces for chalk or white boards. We use our back sliding glass door, our washer and our dryer to do board work. We use window markers in order to practice math skills or draw or even take notes.

3. Purchase shower board for large white boards. You can purchase shower board at your local box DIY store – the kind that you put up in a shower stall, to use as a white board, and you can have it cut to whatever size you need it to be. White boards are getting fairly easy to find in stores now, but we wanted a special size for our space, and it was easiest to find a customized size for us.

4. Use your shower curtain to educate. Seriously. The boys’ bathroom shower curtain has turned out to be a great space to learn geography.

We use this shower curtain for enrichment. You’d be amazed at how much the boys absorb while they are brushing their teeth, taking a bath or being in the bathroom for extended amounts of time. It’s always great to see them attaching places we’ve read about with the map in the bathroom.

These are available all over the web, but we found it at our local Target store.

Our next shower curtain

This shower curtain is the next one that I want to get for them. It can be found at ThinkGeek and Amazon.

5. Use the space above their heads. While you have them ‘captured’, use the space above your children’s bed to post knowledge bits! My boys have bunk beds, so we can use the space above their beds to put informational posters, illustrations or large printouts of memory work. It’s a great way to more of that reinforcement we strive to accomplish in our day.

While there are hundreds and thousands of ideas out there, these are ones that we’ve been able to implement effectively in our home. Do you have ideas that you can share?

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