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From a grateful family…

May 31, 2010

This says it all for us:

This comes from a local church, who created a memorial field on their property, as a visual of the sacrifices that our service men, women and families have given to keep America free. It’s an awesome reminder of just how much the cost is. All over the nation today, and across the globe, we’ll be remembering the men and women who died or were wounded/maimed in order to protect the freedoms of our nation. I hope that you’ll take a moment to pause today, to remember that we are free because they gave their lives.

And to the families who have loved ones who never returned…our sincerest condolences and thanks from a grateful family..we’ll never understand what you’ve gone through, but know that we are appreciative and care.

To all who have been wounded in action…in minor ways or large, we can never repay your pain, but can thank you for your service.

While I never knew him, my great grandfather on my mother’s dad’s side died from mustard gas poisoning upon his return from WW1. He did get to see his family again before succumbing to the poisoning. I never learned about it until a few years ago when going through photos with my Grandmother. Grandpa didn’t really talk about the wars he fought in, nor about his father’s experience, nor about his brother’s. He would share a few quirky stories  such as having a pet monkey that my Grandmother wouldn’t let him bring home, or about how terribly cold Korea was in the winter, or being sick and tired of peanut butter, once and for all. My husband’s paternal grandfather also came home with those emotional scars from his time in the Pacific during WW2. I think the emotional scars for some men are as grave as the physical ones carried by others.  And we can never thank them enough.

Enjoy your Memorial Day – have fun, enjoy your freedom…and remember!

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