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Creating a Family Time Capsule

August 19, 2010

With our first day of history under our belt, we learned the difference between a historian and an archeologist, and the information that they find useful in telling someone else’s story. The boys were amazed to learn that I was both an archeologist AND a historian when I scrapbook…collecting trinkets to tell our stories as well as using words to tell those stories. They, too, are both when they help me with that info.

So, today we made a family time capsule. It took us a few minutes to figure out what we would put in it, and then to decide on when to dig it up, if ever. They pulled favorite building toys, a bouncy ball. I put in a few spices, a photograph with a note scribbled on it, a key from an old keyboard, a passage from the Bible, and something from Dad that he’ll put in tonight when he gets home (it’s surprise and we’re not to know). We think we’ll dig it up on the first day of school next year. But how fun would it be to leave it..and let the next owners of this house find.  If we do dig it up, we’ll be able to see how we’ve changed in a year, what our interests have become, and I wonder if we’ll remember the importance of the items we’ve put in today.  We’ll bury it at a cornerstone of our house…perhaps to dig up, perhaps to leave for others.

We chose to use a tin that closes tightly so not to let water or dirt into the container. We will put everything into a zip top bag for further safe keeping. We won’t mark where we buried it, to make finding it later a little more adventurous.

What would you leave in your family time capsule?

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