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Punctuation Takes a Vacation: a Review by Aiden

October 21, 2010

Punctuation Takes a Vacation

by Robin Pulver

illus. by Lynn Rowe Reed

Holiday House Publishers

RL 4-8, Gr 1-3

“This book wasn’t good, Mom. It’s all about punctuation marks, and how they went on vacation, but it didn’t say WHERE they went on vacation or show pictures of vacation spots. No lakes, no beaches, no Eiffel Tower or Grand Canyon. It lied, Mom. It’s not a good book.”

Aiden…age 7

Ahhh…when our brains are ever so literate. So..we sat down together and read the book. It was the cutest little book, full of wit and fun illustrations and bright color. He learned exactly what the punctuation marks’ functions were, and even got a kick out of the quotation marks being ‘too chatty’. I think the giggles serve as a much more worthy book review than his original.

Mr. Wright’s class decides to take a break from punctuation and go out to play. After all their hard work being blown off, punctuation decides to go on its own holiday…and things are not the same when the class returns. They begin receiving postcards from the “Substitutes” and “Guess Who?” and “Emotional Me!”. When the class makes proper amends to the punctuation marks, they return to a grateful class, to put their words in order. Great book to introduce concept of grammar and inappropriate usage of grammar with a bit of frivolity.

PS..please don’t judge the use of MY grammar in this post 🙂

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