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On Meeting President George W. Bush

November 9, 2010

At 0:Dark Thirty we got the boys up and trekked into Dallas to stand in a line with more than 2500 other crazy people and wait to meet former President George W. Bush at Borders books for his new release, Decision Points, that released today. After being so excited about the prospect last night, the boys were not so enthused this morning when they realized how early it was and how cold it was and how dark it was and how there were no other kids around – just adults. We eventually met a few other little boys that they spent a good chunk of their time with in line playing fun games. They got excited a few times as secret service men did a walk-by, as they were just too cool.

At one point, we had to take the said boys to a restroom, and headed up to the McDonalds that was in the same shopping complex. On the way, walking along side the made road there, guess who drives up? Pres. Bush’s car. They caught the light, so we caught up to them and he waved to the kids who were super excited. Going back to the line..we were worried we wouldn’t get a chance to meet him in person or get a book. We had arrived later than planned, and people had been camped out since noon yesterday for spots. We were about 1/2 mile away from the entrance to the store as it wound around the shopping center and through the back alley. We made friends with those around us and spent the morning just passing stories to bide our time. There were people arriving behind us all morning long, so the line became just about as long behind us as it was in front of us.

As we finally got to the front of the shopping complex, and were getting more worried that we wouldn’t make it, some official Police and Secret Service came to a spot about 25 people behind us in line and cut off the line. They said people behind this point will not get a chance to meet the President. We weren’t sure we would..just knew that they would not. It was about 10:15 at that point. At 10:40, we were standing outside the Borders door..almost ready to go in, so we knew we’d made it in. We went through metal detection, bought our book, then stood in the last line of the morning. He was very personable to the boys, asked them what they thought of the experience, surprised that we homeschooled and that this was their field trip for the day, shook their hands and signed our book. Then he looked at me and said thanks for coming, I hope you like reading it, and shook my hand. He worked hard at trying to engage each person so it wasn’t a complete cattle drive through.

While I know Aiden probably won’t have any memories of today, I’m hoping Connor will remember more than just waiting in that really long line in the cold LOL.  There were absolutely no photo-ops (though we just checked Ebay to see how many of the books had already shown up there, and someone did sneak a shot with their cellphone), so we have no pics of him, but that’s okay. I have the  memory of the boys meeting one of the Presidents of the  US..and that’s something I’ll NEVER let them forget! LOL

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