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Christmas Countdown Calendar – cookie sheets, matchboxes, toilet paper and more!

December 1, 2010

Last year, my good friend Heather Roselli designed this cute little Cookie Sheet Countdown calendar for Christmas. While we’re not a family who really plays up Santa, it was still very cute and a fun way for the boys to do a countdown to Christmas. We do a family devotional Advent Calendar in a Jesse Tree format, but this was something we could do to give them little treats, coupons, and things that are fun.

I had to shop around for a metallic cookie sheet and finally found one at Walmart. It’s just under 11×17, so I had to reduce the size of the base sheets just a tad. I was originally planning on painting the cookie sheets with a plastic spray paint, but opted to leave them natural.  I had the sheets printed off at the Office Supply store for about $1 each side. I used mod-podge on each to adhere the sheets to both sides of the cookie sheet, as well as mod-podging the papers covers to empty match boxes. Then I glued a small magnet to the back of each box. The matchboxes store on the inside of the cookie sheet when not being used. We choose to add boxes to the front as we countdown the days, but you could easily remove a box for each day. Then, on Christmas day, flip the cookie sheet around to see Christmas Day! Something you don’t see in the photo are the holes drilled to tie a big red ribbon to hang it with.

I never grew up with countdown calendars, but my best friend always had German ones with little surprise bits of chocolate behind each little door. I always thought that was the coolest thing growing up. I fill ours with sticks of gum, small handfuls of M&M, coupons to pick a gift out of the surprise toy bag, coupons for a cookie afternoon with Mom, a playdate with just Dad, picking what’s for dinner (big deal to my boys), etc.

Heather has an Elve’s Countdown Calendar,  a Nativity countdown calendar, & a Cookie countdown calendar set available @ Sweet Shoppe Designs


and if you have a photo editing program, you can create your own theme with this template

Heather is offering a 25% discount on any of these 3 products through Christmas Day – use coupon code 25offcalendar @ Sweet Shoppe for your discount (each photo is clickable).

Here are some other ideas of great Countdown Calendars that are quick and easy to make!  (even if, like me, you start a few days late!) And the cool thing is that many of these can be adapted for Hanukkah countdown, as well!

Countdown Banner @

Countdown Boxes @ (though, I’d be more included to paint the boxes than recreate new boxes, but this is a darned cute idea!)

Countdown Chain @ maya*made

Countdown Calendar with Library Pockets by Kathleen

And here is a cute Toilet Paper Roll version that is super easy to make – by my friend Elizabeth McFarlane

Click here for instructions and more samples from The Duty Chronicles

Paper Bag Advent Calendar – absolutely adorable Christmas decoration by my friend Sula @ Misty Hilltops

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