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Mom’s Secret, Super-D-Duper, Sleepy-time, Christmas Cocoa

December 23, 2010

Tomorrow’s the day……. Christmas Eve. Are you prepared? Are you ready for the heads that pop out of the door every five minutes…can I get  cup of water, I need to potty, I need one more hug, can you read me another story, I forgot to put out the cookies, “Is he here, yet?”, and a multitude of excuses for the wee ones to come out just one more time. The excitement is palpable in our house on Christmas Eve. I bet it is at yours, too.


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I felt like the neighborhood kiddie-crack dealer when we first started sharing this recipe with a few of our friends. While my boys are generally good sleepers and never come out of their room, we have friends who really struggled with it, especially on Christmas Eve. I shared what we’d always given our boys to ‘knock’em’out’. The first question was always….is there Benadryl in it?  Nope. It’s a secret that only Mom’s can know. And it works!  If you do the Santa thing, tell them it’s from Santa! Helps that kids are really gullible.

I’m giving this recipe to you a day early so that you have plenty of time to stop by the mega-mart to pick up whatever you need to make this happen. You’ll thank me.

Mom’s Secret, Super-D-Duper, Sleepy-time Christmas Hot Cocoa

  • 1 c of hot cocoa made with warm milk. (if you make yours from scratch… “fist bump” If not, Swiss Miss will do). The milk is a must as it makes it more creamy. If you’re the microwave only kind of parent, get the water hot, fill up the cup about half way so that the chocolate gets a chance to melt, then top it off with milk.
  • 6 chocolate chips.  Helps if they’re crushed a bit
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon
  • 1 peppermint stick or crushed peppermint bits
  • lots of mini marshmallows. (if you only have the ginormous ones, just cut ’em up). (alternatively, if you only have homemade ones, I bow down to your greatness).

Serving size: 1

It’s best done about 30 min for bed, after having driven around neighborhoods with magical twinkling lights, as you sit in front of a roaring fire with Bing Crosby crooning Christmas carols in the background, while reading the Night Before Christmas or the end of any other devotional you’ve been reading, with kids tucked away in their new Christmas jammies they got to open that evening. It’s a sure thing to help those sugarplums dance through their heads all night long!

I think I’m channeling Norman Rockwell!!

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