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Good Eats & Alton Brown – saying goodbye tonight

May 2, 2011

Our family has been watching Alton Brown & Good Eats since it started on Food Network twelve years ago. We’ve gotten the chance to meet him twice, both times trekking down to Austin to make weekends out of it. Click on either of the photos to read up on our visits.

Hangin’ with Alton Brown

An Evening with Alton Brown

We knew that the Good Eats show was coming to an end, but were still pretty bummed when we heard the official announcement earlier this spring. He’s been at it a long time, and as he keeps telling everyone, ‘I haven’t had a vacation in twelve years!!” There will still be at least one hour-long Good Eats Thanksgiving episode, and Alton will still be a presence on Food Network with new Iron Chef coming, and new Next Iron Chef competitions, etc., but we’re still going to miss seeing him on new Good Eats episodes.

So today, in honor of the last new episode of Good Eats – we plan to feast!


  • Smoothies (while not AB‘s specific recipe..still one of his favorite breakfast treats, and we love’em!)
  • Pancakes (we’ll do a banana nut pancake with maple syrup)




The boys are getting to stay up extra late to watch the show with us since Food Network has it at such a bad time – 11:30 eastern.

It’s been a great run, AB. Our family has enjoyed watching your show, being educated, and having such great fun. We wish you all the best – and a really great vacation!

FYI – an update to the show…..such a poignant end…the loud Hawaiin-esque shirt….and turning off the light. See you next time, AB!

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