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Thursday Teach Tips: How Masking Tape makes learning fun!

July 21, 2011

I’m pulling out some old-school, first or second generation digital camera pics from a folder buried deep in my PC. We ran across quite a few of these ‘teaching’ moments while going through picture memories last night, and I thought I’d share a few over the next few weeks.

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This was from Connor’s preK days, 8 years ago, and it was during the Olympics. We were working on shapes and numbers and activities, and thought to do a variation on hopscotch in the hallway. We’ve used our long hallway for so many lesson times from this to astronomy creations to history timelines, etc.

I took a roll of masking tape and created this activity for us. A straight line for balance work, a few shapes for name with numbers on the inside for adding, and we used 2 bean bags to throw. When we’d throw them at the end of the balance line, we added the two numbers they landed on, then we named the shapes, skipped through, and started over. It was a really fun activity, and to this day, I still walk that line when I’m heading down the hall into our living room or stopping at the pantry closet.

So, use some masking tape or painter’s tape to tape off some activities on your carpet or floor. They can be great activities to do indoors during this really hot summer, or for endless rainy days.

Here are some other ways to use masking tape on your floor to create great activities for kids:

  • Create Track & Field activities: space lines along the floor at increasing distances to practice jumping or stretch steps, set different lengths together to practice long jumps, balance beams in different shapes
  • Road Map of your neighborhood or town: a great way to begin map skills and geography awareness is to create a map of your neighborhood or town with masking tape. Use small cardboard buildings that you make together to create landmarks to learn. It can be as simple as a single masking tape line representing the road, or as elaborate as creating 4 lane highways.
  • Indoor Hopscotch
  • Masking Tape Maze – I’m not sure where I got this idea, but it’s in my folder of to-be-done things this summer – use masking tape stretched across the room from different points to create a laser beam security like puzzle for the kids to go through and over and around. Then have them join hands and do it together. Once we get this one done, we’ll post pics to better illustrate it.

What activities can you think of to help learning and physical play with masking tape?


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