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Baby, It’s Hot Outside – Putting the myth of frying eggs on the sidewalk to the test!

August 5, 2011

This week, Texas is setting all kinds of records for heat and drought. We’ve officially passed the worst single year drought in our history as of yesterday (thankfully it’s not as bad in our area as it is out in West Texas where they’ve not had any appreciable rain since October). When you’re hitting heat records what’s the one thing you really don’t want to do? Go outside! But we did. We were feeling like Mythbusters this week and decided to test the premise – It’s so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk:

So we put the Scientific Method to work:




Heat, concrete, cast iron, heat, sweat, eggs (need 4), heat, oops, another egg, sweat, instant read thermal gun and heat. Did we mention heat? 107+ to be exact.


We will melt before we see anything happen



The broken egg (we’ll call it the scrambled experiment), began to cook within about 15min of being on the sidewalk

The whites of the egg placed on the cast iron utility cover cooked upon impact, though the yolk never did (flaw in experiment is that this area of the yard began to be in shade as we started the experiment. This was residual heat in the cover)

The regular egg seemed to evaporate more than anything. After careful observation every 15 min for the next hour, we did notice the yolk began to get a rubbery consistency around the outside, and what was left of the whites began to rubberize.

The skillet egg began a slow crystalization as well. We could actually stand and seemingly watch it happen before our eyes. But if we did for too long, we’d die of heatstroke, so we took our own word for it.

This egg gave it’s life for the cause of science. The yolk actually had begun to cook, and then exploded, then continued to cook.

It is hot. Much too hot to be doing science experiments outside. You might want to look for our obituary in yesterday’s paper, something to the effect that they gave their lives for the cause of science and lack of shade.

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Yes, in fact, it is so hot outside you can cook an egg on the sidewalk, but you wouldn’t want to eat it. Try a cast iron skillet instead (but you probably won’t really want to eat it, either).

Today’s experiment – can you bake cookies on the dashboard of your car. Results soon. (nom nom nom)

Thanks to Jacque Larsen (at and Kriston Cronin-Barrow (@ Sweet Shoppe for the use of their digital elements in helping us create this blog page.

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