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How to Make a Paper Bag Mini Album

August 15, 2011

I did this album quite a few years ago for my loved one..made from lunch bags and digital supplies. I did it to show him how much I loved him in a way he could have with him at work. It’s full of little pockets with special notes, photos from our history to that point, and much love.

I used standard paper lunch bags (no, this is not archival, but I didn’t create it to last 15 generations, I created it for him. As long as he has it to look at, it’s all that matters to me in this particular project – otherwise, archival means a lot to me).

I wish I could give you a list of all the supplies used, but I no longer have the information. It’s been at least 4 years since I made this album, if not 5, so most of it will no longer be available for purchase – but I usually got my supplies from Joann’s and Michael’s at that point.

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How to Make a Paper Bag Mini Album:

  • 4 paper lunch bags, stacked alternatively, then folded in half.
  • Punched holes in folded edge with a hole punch tool and hammer (please be sure to have some backing under this. Even if it does not go all the way through the first time, you can mar whatever surface you are working on)
  • Use ribbon to lace the edge through your holes, to create a hand-made binding. Alternatively, you can use a file folder binder clip, any binder machine option, brads, decorative staples, sewing, etc.
  • Decorate each page with photos, ink, papers and trinkets.
  • Put tags or extra photos or notes into each of the pockets created by the open end of the bags. Use decorative ribbons to tie to the ends of the tags, etc to make them easier to pull out.
  • Give with love.
Some notes on creating this paper bag mini album digitally – adding a hybrid touch…
  • You can use digital papers, elements and alphas printed off to decorate the album
  • You can create a whole page to just print off and glue on, though the interactive features will be a little harder to accomplish unless you do it in layers.
  • Mix with real elements to get the best of both worlds!

Again, this is not an archival project as paper bags are not acid-free. Use duplicate photos when you attempt this project!

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