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ACK! Momma ain’t got no pancakes

August 22, 2011

There are days when I wake up and want to cook like a maniac. Then there are days when I want to pull something out of the pantry or freezer that takes 0 time to put together to feed the family. Today is one of those days. So I go to the freezer to pull out pancakes from my make ahead day. None. I’ve forgotten to have a pancake make ahead day that I do every year to prepare for the school year. Ahh..I thought, no problem, I’ll just pull out the mix and whip some up – doesn’t take long. I pull open the doors to the pantry, and this is what I find:

This never bodes well for our morning when momma ain’t got no pancakes!! I suppose I’ll be mixing up more of my Alton Brown pancake mix for a big pancake cook off this week!

But seeing as today is our Happy Not Back To School Day….we’ll have donuts, instead! For all of our friends starting school today – hope it’s wonderful for you! We’re going to go to the cool comfort of the Mongolian world on a field trip after a morning of donuts, and have ourselves a fun day of NOT going back to school!

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