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Lunchbox Blessings – Free Lunchbox Printables

September 5, 2011

Welcome to everyone from iVillage! I really hope that you love these little notes that you can tuck into lunchboxes and really brighten the day of your children! Be sure to click below to other great lunchbox printables by other designers at Sweet Shoppe Designs! Check out more freebies that you can get on my Facebook fan page.

When I was in school (even into college), my mom packed my lunch just about everyday. It was always in a brown paper bag, and she would write my name on it, and then usually draw a happy face in my D. Sometimes it embarrassed me to no end, but most of the time I thought it was sweet. Looking back, it was my mom’s way of showing love…just little touches here and there of what she could never really say.

Seeing that little touch of  “I Love You” from my mom, during my hectic day at school, always brought a smile to my face, even if I was razzed by my friends (whom I secretly think were just jealous). If you’ve got your own kids to pack lunches for, Lunchbox Blessings are a wonderful way of sharing just a little bit of your love with them during the day – they might just need it!

The girls at Sweet Shoppe Designs (where I sell my custom font services and fonts) got together to create some free Lunchbox Blessings printables for you.

Click on image to download (not right click)


Stop by these sites to print off more!

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Libby Pritchett Designs

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Shawna Clingerman Designs

Meg Mullens – Wild Dandelion Designs


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