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Thursday’s Teaching Tips: Lapbooks – Colors – Brown Bear Brown Bear

October 20, 2011

One of our favorite Toddler/PreK activities were lapbooks. They gave something for me to do to help create a learning atmosphere before the boys before it was really time for ‘school’. I loved creating these lapbooks and game boards and file folder games to help us spend our time.

I gave away all of my file folder games to a new homeschooling family quite a few years ago, before I thought to document them, but we did find this All the Colors of the Rainbow lapbook hidden away in my resources (why it was with the high school stuff, I’ll never know, but I think a certain little boy may have done it). It’s missing a couple of components (same said little boy), but it still gives you an idea of what you can do with a lapbook with even the most basic of concepts. And as you can see – it was VERY well loved.


Rainbow is connected only on one side, to form an arm to open the book with. It was done on chipboard  for stability, and has a velcro dot underneath as a closure.


Brown Bear Pocket – held sequencing puppets for the Brown Bear Brown Bear story – which was one of our favorite stories to read with both boys. They were little puppets that the boys could play with as the story went on. I have a feeling these are deep in the bowels of a certain boy’s treasure box, that I dare not venture into. Or they’re just lost in another homeschool box that I won’t find until we clean out once we’re done LOL. They were basically just images from the book that I scanned, printed, mounted on chipboard and put a small popsicle stick to.

Seeing Things Differently Pocket (lower right) – this contained squares of colored film, like the plastic sheets you use on overhead projectors in a classroom. They were used to look at the world in different colors and combinations, to see the effect that color and light has on our eyesight. I got the film from a teacher’s store or art supply store – I can’t remember which.

Color Wheel – used the same film to create windows in a color wheel, that overlapped another color wheel to show how, when colors combine, their visual properties change. We also used the Blue’s Clues song about colors heavily during this period.

Color Flaps – learning the words and associating it with the color. Beginning sight word learning.

What Color Is It – a baggie full of colored paper clips. We used them for sequencing  – I’d make a train and then they’d copy it, and name colors as we went. There are actually some better paperclips out there that have a wider variety of colors and are a little bigger for wee hands, but we didn’t have them at the time. This was a great pattern activity.


Scat the Cat – this was a fun play along story for the boys – learning to identify colors, following along with a story sequence, anticipating actions, and trying to learn to snap 🙂 Click on the link to get to the Scat the Cat story.

Lapbooks really are a fun way to reinforce learning – from youngest toddler to adult. We’ve continued with lapbooks along the way for unit studies, and will share more of those with you in the future.

Other lapbooks you might be interested in:

Very Hungry Caterpillar

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