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Reformation Day Craft: Stained Glass Paintings

Happy Reformation Day – the day we celebrate Martin Luther papering a local church! Well, the day we celebrate the even of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church in Germany – flaming the Protestant movement in 1571. Among the crafts we did was learning to make mock-stained glass windows..and how oil interacts with paper. I hope to have our own family version of the 95 Theses ready for posting later this week.

We found these stained glass black line drawings here: – the last activity has direct links to the downloads.

We printed off the black line print and colored in each segment with crayon – hard, so there was a good thick layer of wax. Then gently swabbed a cotton ball with oil across the surface a few times, till the oil had soaked in. Of course, in our case, the boys went WAY beyond the call of duty with that part, so the prints still look pretty wet. But it did give off a great stained glass effect that is pretty.

The boys wouldn’t let me shave their heads like monks for a real-life reenactment. *sigh* This activity would be good for Sunday School classes, as well.

Tomorrow – All Saint’s Day! GO SAINTS!