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Christmas Advent Activities: 25 Days of Books

December 1, 2011

One of my most special memories of the Advent Season (which I haven’t done for a few years and need to bring back !) was 25 Days of Christmas Stories – each day one of the children would get to unwrap a special Christmas book and we would read it together. Each day, there was a surprise in store, not knowing which book it would be. Our books range from preK  to pictures books to activity books to adult-led reading books. The last book to be unwrapped was our Bible where Daddy would read the Christmas Story on Christmas morning.

At the end of November, I would pull out our Christmas book box (yep – we have a box just for that), and wrap each of the books and put them in a basket by our tree. I got the books from used bookstores, from friends, and collected over time. They always, and I mean always, point to the true meaning of Christmas for us. No Rudolph books or Santa books (well, except a book on the story of St. Nicholas). We get enough of the secular Christmas in our lives, and these are special times to instill in the children the true meaning of Christmas.

What are some special Christmas activities that you treasure with your family?

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