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The Lenten Cross – A Devotional for Easter

February 22, 2012

** NOTE: Unfortunately, Jacque no longer sells this kit at LilyPad. I cannot share the file as it is not my creation and it wouldn’t be right for me to share. But you can see the photos and create something like it for yourself.


Ash Wednesday begins the Lenten Season – a season of reflection, devotion, and for some, sacrifice, as we ponder on the sacrifice God made for those whom He loves so dearly. It is the holiest season for Christianity. I wanted to do a devotion for Lent that is much like the Jesse Tree for Christmas, and had a hard time finding more than the Resurrection Egg activity – which we will definitely do.

Then Jacque Larsen showed me a devotional piece she was working on (much like her Jesse Tree craft), and wham – this is it!  it follows the Messianic prophecies through the Old Testament and matches each with its fulfillment in the Crucifixion narrative.

Lenten Cross

click on image to purchase kit

These are small activity cards to use along with your devotion (scriptures are also found in the kit), that take you on a walk, day by day, through the Lenten season, preparing your heart for what the season really means. When you finish each day’s devotional – you then build a cross on a wall, a piece of poster board or other area that works for you.

Each day, we’ll pull the new card, read the scripture, talk about the references and symbolism, and the boys will add it to the cross. In the middle, you can put a picture or symbol or verse of special meaning for you. The image in the middle of mine is a crown of thorns from another of Jacque’s paper kits – it fit perfectly with the theme.

I really look forward to completing this activity with the boys. Today’s Ash Wednesday entry was a great way to introduce Lent to Aiden in a more meaningful way than some craft activities, and to give Connor some depth to his new faith.

And I want to encourage you – if you’re reading this 2 days into Lent,  5 days into Lent, or even 30 days into Lent, this is one of those crafts that’s easy to jump into and prepare – even if you only talk about the symbolism until the point you can catch up, and then start where you can. Or prepare it now for next year’s Lenten Season.

 Instructions: (how I completed this craft)

  • Purchase Lenten Cross – it is $3  (this is a digital file that you will receive up on purchase, that you just download to your computer) You can print it from any word processing program, photo editing program or even something like Paint.
  • Print out the 2 8.5×11 sheets of paper at an office supply store
  • Wrote the scripture references on the back of the cards
  • Have office supply store laminate the sheets
  • Cut out
  • Mount on poster board, wall or other medium. We happened to use tacky dough for mounting posters, etc.


  • Products $3
  • Supplies $6 for printing and laminating
  • And about 15 min to cut out and make our references. All-in-all a pretty easy project that has so much more meaning!
(note: I receive no financial benefit from this blog post at all.)

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  1. March 2, 2014 5:28 am

    I logged in but the coupon code “Use coupon code D_LENT for 50 % off the price through March 3125” did not work. I realize the post is a year old but I just saw it on Pinterest.

  2. March 2, 2014 7:45 am

    Unfortunately, that coupon did expire a year ago. I’m not sure why the edit didn’t take, and I’ll fix it immediately.

  3. Kandi Elliott permalink
    February 27, 2017 12:59 pm

    Would you be able to help me locate the Lenten cross devotional.

  4. February 27, 2017 4:34 pm

    I am sorry 😦 it’s no longer available it looks like. I didn’t realize she’d retired from selling. I just had someone else contact me for the same thing. I checked and it’s no longer available.

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