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Make Your Own Resurrection Eggs for Easter or Lent Devotional Activity

March 23, 2012

Make Your Own Ressurection Egg Devotional Activity for Easter and Lent!

One of my favorite activities to do with my boys when they were younger was actually during our Church groups playtime. We’d all gather at the park for our weekly outtings, and gather the children together, pass around each one of the trinkets and one of the Mom’s would explain the Resurrection Story. It was a great way to introduce children to the story of Christ’s sacrifice for us, with something tangible that they could see, hold and feel while they were listening to the story

For us, invariably, pieces get lost over time, regardless of how diligent we are to put them away. When Jacque came out with this little Resurrection Egg printable – it made perfect sense! If one piece gets lost or torn – just print off another one!

Directions on how to use this activity – print off the egg sheet onto cardstock – you can easy have a printer/quick copy place do it for you. Then have them laminate the sheet. Cut out each of the eggs, and insert them into a set of plastic easter eggs. You can store these in an egg carton if you wish (make sure it’s clean and dry if you’re recycling one, and store a folded copy of the scripture references in the top, then have the kids paint and decorate the egg carton on the outside!

Alternatively, you can use this as a board activity for your Sunday School group.

You can begin this activity on the 2nd Sunday before Easter, or just do it in one sitting a few days before Easter. I plan on having my 12yo present it this year each day as part of our extended devotional leading up to  and through Holy Week. This will give him a chance to share his knowledge in his own words and begin to grow his faith by sharing with others.

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