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Was it worth the wait? The 2012 Stan Lee Comicon – Dallas version

June 1, 2012

It all started so innocently. Russ and I were in bed, watching television, and he was surfing on his laptop.

Then I hear, “Honey, you need to see this.”

He showed me a website of the Stan Lee Comicon that was coming to Dallas that weekend. I was just about ready to blow him off with a “yeah, hon, that’s great, now let me get back to Food Network Star because Alton is on it!”

Then I saw what he was trying to get me to see. Patrick Stewart. No, make that Sir Patrick Stewart. He was coming to Dallas. To DALLAS. We live near Dallas. We could go, and we could meet him, and we could shake his hand and say thanks, and tell him all about how he was about to be an integral part of our children’s education (he’s a brilliant Shaksperian actor, and we’re about to delve into some of those), and how he’s just so awesome..and.and…

PATRICK STEWART! Even Russ was excited – I could tell.






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