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2012 Presidential Election – Ballot for kids

November 6, 2012

Today, the United States of America chooses its next President. At our house, it means mock elections. We’ve been studying about the electoral process these last couple of weeks, the different parties, and the Electoral College. Today is the big day. The boys will go to the ‘polls’, ‘cast their vote’ and spent the evening tracking election results on a map we’ve printed out.

While we’ve talked about all of the elections that can happen on the General Election Day (voting for Senators and Congressmen, local elections and State/County Constitutional amendments, etc.) we are focusing primarily on the Presidential  candidates today.

Somewhat Muddled Musings | Sample 2012 Presidential Ballot


(this ballot was created as a sample ballot from how the ballots were presented in our county. No favoritism is implied)

Feel free to print off this ballot for your kids and allow them to participate in one of the most fundamental rights and privileges we have as American citizens – the right to vote.

PS. For a little help on the Electoral College – here’s a very helpful video.

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